Coming Very Soon


 We’ve been very busy testing batteries, signing drivers, and building the brand.

Our work is paying off. The Gens Ace batteries have performed flawlessly and have absolutely exceeded expectations in every application! The shorty batteries are almost like cheating, the advantage you will gain is not even fair. On 4×4 SCTs, Yeti’s, and 1/8 ebuggies the perfomance is second to none. A 6000mah and 7200mah stick pack is the way to go! In all other applications, the Gens Ace batteries have performed equally well.

We’ve signed drivers in the midwest and the west coast of the US who we believe will advance the brand. However, we’re always looking for more drivers, youtubers, and socialites to join the team.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a driver send an email to We are looking for drivers who can promote the brand effectively, and help us achieve more sales. You don’t have to necessarily win races, but if you can convince us that you can be an ambassador through your talents as a driver or as an avid social media guru, then we’re interested in sponsoring you.